Shiva Frentzen
for El Dorado County Supervisor District II

Vote for Shiva Frentzen at special election on September 9, 2014


Endorsed by CAL FIRE Firefighters
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Responsible Growth
HOUSING: El Dorado County currently has 54,000 homes on the west slope. Developers are pushing Supervisors to approve 33,000 more homes (16,000 undeveloped parcels and 17,000 proposed new homes). This much housing will increase the number of homes in El Dorado County by 60%. Sample map of the proposed development projects in district 2

TRAFFIC: CALTRANS data shows Highway 50 traffic in El Dorado Hills has reached 100% capacity. Also, The commute traffic from Cameron Park Drive to El Dorado Hills Blvd. is at 92% capacity. CALTRANS has NO plans, or money, to widen Highway 50 beyond 6 lanes in the next 20 years. Building 33,000 more homes will increase the traffic by 50%. Sample of Highway 50 traffic congestion during 7AM peak hours

WATER: 93% of EID's water supplies are already allocated to current customers. EID only has 3,626 EDUs (End User Water Meters) available for new development. It is incredibly irresponsible to propose 33,000 more homes when EID only has enough water for 3,600. 2012 Water Resources and Service Reliability Report from EID

MONEY: The cost for new roads and water infrastructure is $1.3 billion; $850 million for new county roads, and $475 million to expand EID's water system. Current residents will ultimately pay the price for building this water and road infrastructure. Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) March 2014

MEASURE M: I'm leading a countywide ballot measure "FixHighway50 Traffic First / Keep Us Rural" to stop these large residential development plans including 4,000 homes in Marble Valley adjoining Cameron Park, San Stino (1,000 homes) in Shingle Springs and rezoning of the golf course in El Doradoo Hills to build 1,000 homes. Measure M and other information

Economic Development
JOBS & LOCAL BUSINESSES: Over 70% of our workforce commutes to Sacramento. This causes more traffic congestion on our roads and leaks our sales tax dollars to Sacramento County. We need to bring more high-paying jobs to El Dorado County to help the local businesses and keep the sales tax dollars local in our County.

AGRICULTURE/TOURISM/AGRI-TOURISM: We have a unique County that is rich in agriculture and history. We need to secure the future of our agriculture by proper planning to ensure the availability of water for our farmers. We also need to ensure the economic viability of agriculture for our County.

I have been an activist to strengthen the economic development in our County for over a decade. I have served on the first Economic Development Advisory Committee and spearheaded the "Shop Locally" campaign for our County. As the Past President of the El Dorado County and Shingle Springs/Cameron Park Chambers of Commerce I have volunteered my time to make the County more business friendly and a better place for all of us to live. I will continue to advocate for economic development in our County as your district 2 Supervisor.

Public & Fire Safety
Public & Fire safety is an issue that needs continuous attention and improvement. I have given fire safety the highest priority during my 3.5 years of serving on the Cameron Park Community Services District Board. Making sure that our County is financially strong will ensure these services. As your County Supervisor, I will continue to safeguard the delivery of core public and fire safety services necessary to protect our citizens.

Government Accountability and Efficiency
I will apply my experience in the private sector to bring accountability and efficiency to our local government. The local government is accountable to their residents. As your District 2 Supervisor I will make sure that the El Dorado County residents are represented fairly.

As an elected official on the Cameron Park Community Services District Board, I have worked tirelessly to bring financial accountability and transparency to the district. I was the first board member to advocate for an immediate end to deficits and for creating financial reserves. I continue to hold the staff accountable for increasing revenues and decreasing expenses for the Cameron Park Community Center, which continues to operate in the red. I was also instrumental in lowering the excessive attorney fees in the district. I am very active in the Cameron Park Rotary Club and passionately care about the seniors, children and youth in our communities.

I know the issues and will vote to protect current residents' water, roads, and wallets. We must build our economy around jobs, tourism, agriculture and local businesses instead of large housing developments. I listen to the residents and will continue to preserve the quality of life for our current and future generations.

We must start planning within our limits - NOW - before it's too late.

Committee Name: Friends of Shiva Frentzen for Supervisor 2014 . Committee ID# 1367682 . Contact: (530) 676-1980 . Email
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